Wednesday, 26 September 2018

NZ bush speech by Arly.

Kia Ora ladies and gentlemen.  Swinging bridges, towering mountains and not a speck of litter to ruin it. This is one of the positives of inaccessibility to the NZ bush. Most people consider the New Zealand bush to be untouched and full of hidden gems. This is because it is untouched by litter.

Recently I went tramping with a family from Dubai and they commented on how unpolluted our bush is.  So naturally I started thinking about why that is and my first thought is what I am talking about today. Get ready for it…. It’s because the New Zealand bush is largely inaccessible to most people.  You may ask how people go tramping there if it’s inaccessible to most people and that's a fair question. I’m here to inform you why the NZ bush is inaccessible to most people and the positives of the bush being inaccessible

The New Zealand bush is inaccessible to some people because they are obese. If you are obese then you probably can’t go tramping into the bush. Studies show a shocking 32% of adults over the age of 15 are obese. That's ⅓ of the population. If you picked three random people off the street chances are that one of them are obese. That's pretty bad. So that makes ⅓ of people in New Zealand inaccessible to the bush because they are obese.

Now I know that there is probably someone in the audience who is going to say, “Well I know someone who is obese and goes tramping.” and to that I say, Great! That’s awesome for you. Anyway if ⅓ of people can’t go tramping because of obesity, how many people just can’t tramp for some unknown reason. Well originally I was thinking ⅙  of people in nz go tramping but I was way off, I looked through websites and did the math and figured out that only 9% of New Zealanders go tramping in national parks.

Now we know how many people go tramping.  What are the other reasons the bush is inaccessible to people? Sometimes it’s too dangerous to go tramping. Many parts of the NZ bush are inaccessible because of rainfall or just plain danger. Rivers can get in your way and so can mountains. Also the weather can change instantly. I was tramping once and It was so hot we were in singlets. We walked for ten more minutes and were hit by cold temperature and winds. Most people look at the weather and only pack for that. You should pack for all weather whether it is hot or cold.  Sometimes inaccessibility is a good thing though.

There are many positives to inaccessibility. For example less litter and less plastic appear in the bush. This is because if a person is too lazy to put their rubbish in a bin then they are probably too lazy to go tramping. If the bush is inaccessible, some endangered species in the wild can live without being disturbed by humans. Humans kill the most animals by polluting their habitats and disrupting them. Animals also eat human food and get majorly sick from it. If you drive through Arthurs Pass you’ll see signs saying DO NOT FEED THE KEA! This is because the kea become beggar's and don’t hunt for food. This sets the whole food chain wrong and as we know this has disastrous consequences. If humans can’t get to the kea in the first place this means that the kea can’t be disrupted. Those are all the reasons that inaccessibility is good. Though, some people think that national parks should have a road going through them.

Case in point is the Haast to Hollyford road. To go from Haast to Hollyford track it takes 7 hours! People who want to cut that time say that we should have a road straight through Mount Aspiring national park. That would cut off more than half of the trip. I understand why people want to cut a road right through a national park but 45 different native species of birds live there alone. If you let cars drive straight through the park then people are going to throw their rubbish and plastic out of the window and pollute the national park. And here I am thinking that the whole point of national

In conclusion I believe that inaccessibility is big in New Zealand bush and that inaccessibility is an amazing form of conservation.



Te Uru with Room 10 CH from Grey High School

WALT participate in the learning of others.  Why: Building on our transition to high school.
Success criteria: be active participants in a new cultural game: use our listening skills,
watch, ask questions and practice.

On the 18th of August 2018 Room 10 CH from Grey High School taught us how to play a cultural
game called Te uru.
We played in on the Karoro school field. Te uru is a game where you score points by catching a
ball while standing on a certain point of the field.
It’s sort of like netball apart from the fact that you have to catch the ball with your palm flat
and with one hand. My favourite part was winning the games. Next time the students should enforce
the rules.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

St Johns first aid.

On the 3rd of september Ruma Tahi of Karoro School did a first aid course with a St Johns officer
called Catherine Allen. First she went over the DRSABCD.

D for danger. Check for danger. R for response. Check the patient for a response.
S for help. Send someone to get help or call for help. A for airways. Tilt the head back and lift chin.
B for breathing. Check that the patient is breathing.

If the patient is breathing do not commence step C or D. If the patient is not breathing go to C.
CPR. Put your hands on their chest and do 30 compressions. After this breathe twice into their mouth.
Repeat. D is for defibrillation. Someone should have grabbed a defibrillator by now.
This machine has instructions to use it. Use it to jumpstart people's hearts.

First cut open the patients clothes. Then set up the defibrillator and press shock.
Don’t be alarmed if the person shakes. Then we had to practice CPR on dummies
to the beat of Stayin Alive.

At the end we all got certificates saying we had passed the course. In my opinion what
we learnt was life saving and even though everyone was a bit embarrassed about doing
CPR on a dummy we all listened and didn’t muck about.

I personally liked the session because it was a great reminder of something I haven’t done in a long time.  

Purerehua DLO

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Sci-fi writing.

24.3.4875 APC. 3:10pm  Region: Netra. Footage found from: Prometheus
inc drone patrol.

The vast former ocean stretches out across the fiery horizon. If you squint
you can see the earth moving in places as if there is a creature underneath. '
The ironically named Gaea ocean stretches out bland and dusty as a boom
sounds. The roaring sky blue fire jets out of the rocket almost as bright as the
giant blood red sun. The final 10 people left in the once paradise Netra city
wave and watch the rocket soar out of the atmosphere and wink out of

Bobby watches closely from the corner and gets an uneasy feeling.
His jet black hair waves around crazily and his grey eyes glint brightly
as the shockwave hits him and the ragtag group of people around him.
A red and white beanie flies past him and he hears a loud voice saying
something. But he can’t understand what it’s saying. He’s too busy focusing
on a moving mound of sand at the edge of the desert.

A second passes and the mound erupts. Bobby sees a lizard like creature
with shark fins.
“Do sandshark come this close to the city?” Bobby whispers to his friend Wally.
“It must know that the city has been evacuated.” answers Wally.
“I do not think it will come closer.” The sandshark seems to consider
the people probably thinking how it will cover the distance of 100m.
Dirt flies up as the sandshark dives swiftly underground and swims
underground at the group. “Run!” yells Bobby. The sand shark lifts its
top end out of the ground and swallows an ignorant citizen.

Wally runs the opposite way to the group knowing his red and white
striped clothes are attracting the sand shark. Instead of the sandshark
following him, a giant spider with sharp metal legs jumps from a razed
building and tries to stab Wally. A dark-skinned young man runs in front
of Wally and shields him with a sheet of steel.
The young man says “Hi.  I’m Solra.” and then proceeds to block another strike.

A girl with blond hair runs around the corner and sees Solra struggling
against the spider. The girl named Eve starts assembling broken parts
to build something. Bobby and a little kid peek from the roof and then
make their way down  to help. CLANG. Solras metal sheet breaks leaving
him with nothing. He then decides to try and punch the spider. Bobby runs
over to Eve as Solra tries to subdue the spider. Eve ties back her hair and
tries to find the last piece of her contraption.
“Nice,” marvels Bobby, “a grappling hook.”
“It’s a primitive weapon,” explains Eve.
“Oh well,” replies Bobby, “it’ll still work.”
The little kid rushes over to them and grabs the hook.
“I saw this in a really old movie!” he yells and then runs towards the
spider. The little kid shoots the hook at the spiders leg and then runs
around the spider. He then tightens it and the spider falls over.
“Yay!” yells the little kid.  
“Who is this kid Bobby?” asks Wally.
“I’m Skink!” explains the little kid excitedly.

IOAIHTHG ioaihthg

17.5.4875 APC. 12:00pm  Region: Netra. Footage found from:
Prometheus inc supermarket security footage.

The cold, lifeless body of Skink lies on the ground. A rat runs towards
it and Bobby shoos it away. Everyone is silent. Solra finishes digging a
hole and lays Skinks body in. They all take turns filling in the grave.
“They aren’t coming back for us are they?” asked Eve.
“They let Skink die.” grimaces Bobby.
“It wasn’t them,” replies Wally, “it was lack of water.”
“We’re all gonna die if we don’t get off this planet guys.” mutters Solra.
“Let’s build our own spaceship then,” whispers Bobby, “And no one
is going to get hurt!” he shouts.
“We don’t have the materials Bobby.” chides Eve.
“Isn’t there broken ships out in the desert?” questions Bobby.
“Well yeah but they’re broken.” answers Wally.
“The whole ships not broken. We can scavenge the working parts.”
replies Bobby.
“Ok I’m in.” says Wally.
“We’ll send me you and Solra.” states Bobby
“It’s dangerous,” warns Solra, “Not to mention we can’t go outside.
we do we’ll probably die of thirst within a day or even in the middle
of the day get set on fire!”
“It’s not that bad.” states Bobby.
“Actually Bobby it is.” corrects Wally
“Night time?” asks Bobby.
“Possibly, but it’s still as hot as a desert,” replies Wally,
“With a high chance of death.”
“We’ll all go.” says Eve.

18.5.4875 APC. 1:00am  Region: Gaea ocean. Footage found from:
Prometheus inc scout headcam.

The red giant sun looks ready to blow. Even the tiny speck of it that peeks
over the horizon burns the air.  At daytime you would combust in flames.
Even at night the air is as hot and dry as a desert. This is what they faced
when scavenging for parts. A gust of wind reveals a broken spacecraft to
the group and they swiftly sprint towards it.
“Dig dig dig!” shouts Solra.
“We are!” shouts Wally. They dig away for half an hour. Solra breaks open
the door and a dead body falls out.
“Ah!” cries Solra.
“Don’t worry about it. We don’t have much time.” commands Bobby.
“Don’t be like that. You're not the appointed leader.” growls Solra
“Oh really?” questions Bobby.
“If you think you can act like a control freak and get away with it Bobby
we’re outta here.” snarls Solra.
“Guys stop. It’s the heat making you feel this way!” yells Wally.
“Oh really?” asks Solra sarcastically.
“Hey you leave him out of this.” yells Bobby.
“Shut up!” Solra yells as he picks up a bit of metal and hurls it at Bobby.
The shrapnel pierces his body and he falls to the ground with blood gushing
out. The pain is worse than the time he got his leg stuck in a burning space
exhaust pipe. “This is it,” Bobby thinks, “I’m gonna finally see Mum and Dad

19.5.4875 A~C. 1:0~am  Region: G~ea oc~an. Footage found from:
Sub~~ct    2152225 Brai~ impl~nt

Flashbacks appear through his eyes.
The Gaea ocean when it held little water, him and his parents traveling to
the receding water, his dad flying to the only place on Kepler 22b that has
a working hospital and most painful of all, his mum flying to see his dead
dad the day air travel became impossible. He sees the tombstones in the
Netra graveyard with only one body underneath. People were gathered
around crying and whispering about the poor family who had lost their lives. The father from Metla disease and the mother from a plane crash. No one
knew what happened to Bobby…. Except they did. After he was confirmed
alive Prometheus inc had been searching for him. They found him and
conducted experiments on him. They put a brain implant in his head so
they would see his thoughts. Bobby eventually got released and his memory
erased. Prometheus inc realized they wanted him back for experiments.
He didn’t like the people searching so he hid under a house.  After a while
he couldn’t bear it and ran out into the street. A woman came out of a
house and comforted 4 year old Bobby. Her son came out and gave
him a chocolate bar. Then they disappeared into the house. Now, 14
years later Bobby is dying on the ground of a desert.
19.5.4875 APC. 1:00am  Region: Gaea ocean. Footage found from:
Prometheus inc scout headcam.

“Bobby!” shrieks Eve.
“Why did I do that?! Why?!” yells Solra.
“Quit moaning and help us.” commands Wally.
“I’ll get the shrapnel out.” volunteers Eve.
The shrapnel comes out with a sickening rip. Eve runs to the broken
ship and promptly pukes.
“Bandage it up.” commands Wally.
“O-o-okay.” stammers Solra.
Solra grabs the bandages and wraps them around Bobbys wound.
“Good now I’ll inject this into him and he should….”
Wally injects a blue serum into Bobbys arm.
“AH!” yells Bobby.
“You all good Bobby?” asks Solra.
“Get away from me you slimy Selapoc!” Yells Bobby.
“Look I’m trying to help you Bobby.” consoles Solra.
“I don’t care!” screams Bobby.
“You’ll die if you don’t listen.” Solra says cautiously as if trying for soft words.
“Fine,” grumbles Bobby, “now let’s build a spaceship.”

20.5.4875 APC. 5:00am  Region: Gaea ocean. Footage found from:
Prometheus inc scout headcam.
Bobby, Wally, Solra and Eve huddle under their ship.
“We have about 24 hours until the sun grows big enough to turn
night into day for 24 hours.” states Eve.
“Well let’s go right now.” says Bobby.
“Hold up Bobby, you need to wait till midnight.” warns Wally
“That won’t work actually.” warns Eve.
“Why?” asks Wally.
“There is a solar flare at 3:00pm” states Eve
“Do we have fuel?” asks Eve.
“It was in the other ship.” answers Solra.
“So you're saying we can’t leave this planet because it’s day and
we need the fuel. But we can’t get the fuel at night because there
is a solar flare?” asks Bobby.
“Sort of.” says Eve.
“So we’re all doomed!?” shouts Solra.
“No,” says Bobby, “I’ll run out grab the fuel and through it back here.”
“You’ll die though,” pleads Eve, “don’t do it please.”
“Do you see another way?” asks Bobby.
“Ummm?” mutters Eve as she starts assembling broken parts of metal.
She works fast and when she is done she has a magnetic grappler.
“Of course,” marvels Bobby, “you can bring it over here with that.”
Eve smiles and then fires the grappler at the spaceship and closes her
eyes. Bobby remembers that each one of them has goggles that look like
a real face but aren’t. This is because of the bright sun and a
millennia of staring at screens. Humans can also access code of
machines and manipulate machines around them. This is how
Eve was directing the magnetic beam through the doors of the
broken spaceship to the fuel. She magnetically grabs the fuel
and brings it back. All is going good until the fuel is about 10
metres away from the working spaceship. The fuel for these types
of spacecrafts are heat resistant until connected to the ship. Sadly the
canisters aren’t. The half broken metal canister starts to melt. Melting
metal brushes off the magnetic force leaving the container to drop.
“What do we do now!” yells Wally, clearly annoyed and desperate.
Bobby takes a deep breath. He knows his friends won’t let him do what
he’s about to do, but he does it anyway. Bobby runs out of the ship and
immediately starts burning. He is on fire and it is more painful than when he
got stabbed. His lungs start burning and he can’t suck in any air. As he
reaches the fuel the pain is unbearable. It takes all of his willpower to pick
up the fuel and not crumple to the ground. His eyes feel like they are melting
and he can’t hear his friends screaming at him over the roar of the fire. His
legs have nearly burnt off and he feels as if his limbs are breaking apart.

Bobby wakes up from his 3 day long coma to see everyone standing
above him.
“Where are we?” asks Bobby.
“You know where Prometheus inc was taking everyone?” asks Eve.
“Hestia?” asks Bobby.
“Yes!” Shrieks Eve.
Everyone lets out a woop.
‘Now let’s go see what they’ve built.” says Wally as the spaceship
descends into the atmosphere of Hestia.

By Arly.

Poem for rotary speech competition.

WALT write a poem for the Rotary speech competition.
This is my poem.


Crack in the sky
World falling apart
As fast as light
Stabs Earth like a dart

Feared by Elders
Creator of fire
Ancient times
It was needed dire

A god's weapon.
Sound of the thunder
Planes thrown around

Chunder down under

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Finding refuge

Guided Text: “The Nowhere Land Where Children On The Move Are
Someone Else's Problem” by Sarah Crowe - U.N.I.C.E.F

We will have met the success criteria when we
  • Can work out the meaning of new vocabulary.

  • Locate information within a text.

  • Make connections between ideas

  • Synthesize and summarize key ideas

  • Make links between our own lives and the lives of others

Pre-read discussion
What is a Peugeot 404? Image result for Peugeot 404

What is the difference between a migrant, a refugee and an asylum seeker?
A refugee is someone who has fled their country in search for a safer place to
live. They are usually people who have left due to war and fighting or because
of unfair rights. Lots of refugees are children without parents who travel alone
until they get sent to refugee camps “concentration camps”. Or get picked up
by human traffickers or people smugglers who ship them off to different
countries in big shipping containers. Lots of refugees die while in the containers
due to lack of oxygen, lack of food and dehydration.

An Asylum Seeker is a Refugee who has traveled over a course of time to a
large defined area where the government has sent the Army Or the United Nation
Troops to set up a camp and a medium sized Safety Asylum. The Refugees are
rather put into the 1st class safe Asylum or are in the Refugee camp.

A migrant is someone who chooses to move to a different country not
because they want to for a whole lot of different. Reasons maybe like
economical reasons, maybe they are low on water and food. Image result for Niger

Where is Niger? Niger is located in West Africa, bordering
Chad, Nigeria and Libya.Where is the Sahara? How big is the Sahara compared
to New Zealand? The Sahara is roughly thirty times bigger than New Zealand.
Wasteland -
milling about,
elusive Eldorado,
bearing the brunt,
from pillar to post,
gesticulating tirade,
a motley bag,
transiting through,
flip flops,

Read the text to yourself and make notes/highlight/bullet point as you
read. You are looking for the main idea in this article. Be ready to discuss your

I think the author has written this text to raise awareness towards children
refugees from over the world with no home. These children have been returned
to Niger. A place where most of them aren't from and now they have to travel
across the sahara desert.

The author in this text is biased when she says
“nothing could be further from the gates of paradise than this scorching unearthly
wasteland" and “stranded with dashed hopes and unfullfiled dreams.”
“onto a bone dry open plane with a few thread bare tents”. These are all signs
of bias towards the refugees. The author is making it sound a lot worse than
it possibly could be. She is making it sound like they are living in unbearable
conditions and would do anything for a chance of freedom including walking
across the Sahara desert with no food or water and nothing to protect their
feet from the scorching hot deadly sea of sand. Of course this is all quite
possibly true but you would have to be there to know. The author is making
it sound very bad (Which it is) To make the reader sympathies for the refugees.
The key points in this text are:

Nothing could be further from the gates of paradise than this scorching,
unearthly wasteland stretching out as far as the eye can see and beyond.
Arrivals into Italy from January to early June this year were down by two
thirds compared to the same period last year when 60,000 crossed over
from North Africa.

Since November last year, more than 8000 West Africans, including
2000 children, have been returned to Niger from Algeria, with another
900 refugees and asylum seekers from East Africa transferred from Libya
awaiting cumbersome and slow resettlement processes. According
to Unicef estimates some 120 children drowned at sea between
January and May. At least there are coastguards at sea. No one patrols
the vast and deadly sea of sand.