Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Matariki word cloud.

We are learning to present our thinking and ideas in a range of ways.  
Context: Matariki
We will have been successful when we have gathered our vocabulary around Matariki and presented it in a word cloud on our learning blog.

We went to to build our word clouds.

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Friday, 30 June 2017

Golf DLO

Te Reo Māori words for clothing/Kākahu

In He kākano we have been learning how to say the words for clothing/kākahu in Te Reo Māori. Watch my slideshow and video below so that you can learn too.

Traditional Māori clothing/kakahu

On Friday mornings I am in the He kākano class which is a senior Te Reo Māori extension class. We learn about Māori language and culture. This term we have been learning about traditional Māori clothing and we had a go at creating our own garments. Here is our work. Please leave a positive, thoughtful and helpful comment.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Matariki poem.

Soft waiata sound lightly in my ears
That's one signal
Matariki is here
See my fire like a roaring sun.

Fresh air quickly fills my lungs
And I hear karanga.
Loud, soft singing like a babbling brook.
Matariki is here
come have a look.

Bright phenomenal lights high in a beautiful sky
Whitu to be exact, flying so high.
Crashing of waves fills a blank night
With salty air that has some might.
As a heavenly hangi stomps underground
Songs start again and our sun slowly comes around.
Roaring bonfire, lit quickly with flame .
As we tell stories of those sadly passed away.
We all begin singing

Roaring bonfires die quietly
a steaming hangi gets lifted up.
Prepared perfectly

Waiata sound loudly up into heavy clouds.
Whetu, slowly fluttering to ground.
Manu tukutuku, gliding steadily into a bright sky.
Grateful for what we have

Matariki is nigh.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Sails Work explanation.

Our challenge is to:

Create a matching sail for our yacht.
Explain how you would work out how much material would be required to make both sails.
Sails for the America’s cup.
  1. To find out the area of material I would need to make two sails I would have to use measurement.
  2. I measured the width and length of my sail. The width was 11.8cm and the length was 20.9cm.
  3. I then used the diagonal line on the sail as a ruler from the bottom of the paper to the side to create an identical sail.
  4. I then joined the triangle sails together to make a rectangle.
  5. Then I multiplied the width and length (which were the same as the one sail) together. That left me an area of 262.2cm².
  6. So the total area of material that I would need for two sails would be 262.2cm².
By Arly.

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