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Newspaper Arly and Poppy

Arly and Poppy.
5th of December  2017.
The New Team
By: Arly

Karoro School came second in the tournament and had a five star rating. Now the Karoro Dunkin Donuts are fighting back with 0 losses and 1 draw. The teams one draw was against Rosegold who had one Karoro student. The Dunkin Donuts line up consists of Max Welsford, Sean Bain, Cameron Dickey, Arly Bellis and Jack Henderson. 3 of these players made it into the Representative team. Their coaches say “The Dunkin Donuts need to pull up their game. There is no way that the Dunkin Donuts are going to win at their current form.”  One player Max Welsford says “We are going good so far. A few more wins and we will be right on track.” This article was written before the Dunkin Donuts recent win.

The paragliding mystery. A recount of the incident by Sean. Available for $36 in any store.

The finished result.

How to Make Salami and Cheese Pizza
By: Arly
Cover the pizza base with tomato paste. Grate some cheese and sprinkle on the base. Cut salami into even slices and put on top of cheese. Heat the oven to 190 degrees celsius on fan bake. Bake for ten minutes. Take the pizza out of the oven and enjoy.

The Ivory tiles. Available for $25 in your local bookstore. Written by Arly Bellis, the award winning writer of the Techno Wars.
Paragliders Stranded
By: Arly.  Told by Sean.

Three paragliders were sucked into a cumulonimbus off the coast of Nusa dua last month. The three in question are named Mark, Sean and Heidi. They were presumed dead by authorities but were found three weeks later. They claimed to have been stranded on an island with an active volcano. They managed to paraglide off the island seconds before the volcano erupted. Sean decided to give us info about the fiasco. He says “It was a very frightening time for me. I’m very lucky that I wasn’t alone.” The survivors built a hut to shield from bad weather.
Image result for stranded island hut

                 The hut the survivors made.

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Arly and Poppy.
5th of December 2017
The Puzzle


Words to find:

Jeff Crackalack 2.0. A hilarious book by Bryce De Klerk. This book is guaranteed to have you laughing and giving your friends $10 to buy this book.

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The Win of The Potato Peelers
By: Arly
People believe that the Potato Peelers won through bribes.
Well that is not true. In fact
the Potato Peelers won through
pure appeal to the voters. People also say that the Potato Peelers
won because they had potato in
their name. I believe that this
may be true but if the other
parties wanted to appeal
they should have done the
same.The Potato Peelers won
fair and square.

Coming from the Independence party I would say that we had really strong competition and my party couldn’t rise to the challenge like the Potato Peelers did. Potato Peelers came first followed by us the Independence party.

Career Expose
By: Arly

Born and raised in central
Argentina, Lionel Messi at
13, he moved to Spain to join Barcelona, who agreed to
pay for his medical treatment.
After a fast progression through Barcelona's youth academy,
Messi made his competitive
debut aged 17 in October
2004. At 22 years old, Messi
won the FIFA World Player
of the Year award by record
voting margins.  We were
given this information by
Sports News.
Image result for soccer ball

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Arly and Poppy.
5th of December 2017
          Why We Do It
Truth told by: Arly.

You may wonder why we do karakia before we eat food or before a Māori class. The answer is quite simple. We do karakia before food to appreciate whoever made the food and to respect those who have passed on. It sounds like praying to God doesn’t it. We do it before a Māori class to honour the dead, to keep our Māori fresh and to respect the Māori Atua.
Image result for karakia

A Māori atua.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” Albert Einstein.

The Top Team logo

Top Team Winners
by: Arly
Karoro school did very well in the top team event coming first, second and third. The obstacles were quite hard and Karoro had to push through them using teamwork. I know that sounds cheesy but the whole point of the event was to work as a team. Most of the obstacles were of water Everybody enjoyed the experience and I hope we can do it again.

Our rivals (Computers and stuff) are publishing a newspaper. Be on the lookout for lies in their paper. Of course we’re joking. Their newspaper is really good. Check it out.
Soccer Tournament

Karoro school has a lot of sport on their hands as 4 teams ran onto the field for the interschool soccer tournament. Karoro did well versing hard teams like St Patrick's, Paroa, Grey main, Cobden and Hokitika. A number of representative of the West Coast players were there. The weather forecast was poor and put a damp air around. Karoro didn’t get a placing but played well.

Junior Cooks Shine

The Maggies cooking showdown kicked off and the results were great. To qualify were 3 teams. One team was making a pasta. Another spaghetti bolognese and the final team was making curry with salad and rice along with raro.
There were thirty minutes to make your meal. The team making pasta drew with the team making bolognese. The curry team came first with 9/10 points and a delicious dish.

Pug productions new movie, Space Nachos is due to come out soon.

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Arly and Poppy.
5th of December 2017
Child Injured
by: Arly

A child got injured on the Porters
ski field a few days ago. The
child's parents asked for him
not to be named and bribed us.
Did I write that? Anyway the child
fell off his skis and went over a
jump. Luckily a wooden fence '
saved him from going over a cliff.
Image result for ski accident

The ski accident.
The child suffered from
a migraine and a bruised
buttox. Luckily the child
has regenerated and is
going skiing next year.

Rashid Jhalak Mahalid
is at it again with skis
for $1. These skis are
guaranteed to snap
after one jump. That’s
like one dollar to go skiing!

1080 doesn’t just kill birds!
1080 kills birds.
by: Poppy.
Should we ban 1080?
This is a question the
whole of Aotearoa New Zealand
is asking. 1080 is being put
all through our beautiful bushes
and killing what makes
Aotearoa unique. But there is
still the question
What about all stoats and rats? How are we going to get
rid of them?” Well we could
use more sensible attempts,
like use wooden traps that
only kills stoats rats…
Also they way people are
dropping 1080. Planes also
kill the environment.
They put pollution into the world and there is way too much pollution in the air.
Should we still drop 1080?

         Days Off School.
Story of the day by: Poppy

Have you ever heard of the
story where children took
over instead of the adults, well here it is.

Boom. The school starts to shake.
“Finally” the children all scream
in union. The kids have been
experiencing some rudeness from
all the teachers. The kids created
a spell bond boom that only teachers
get evicted by. They finally put
their plan to action. Boom!
That was the children's signal
to run to their bush hut.
They would wait out here
until it was clear. Then the
school will be run by children.
Teachers better watch out!
See the full story by Pug
productions. Note that the
movie is set after the school
gets taken over. Starring Arly,
Sean and Poppy. Go to this
link to see it.

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Arly and Poppy.
5th of December 2017
         Hiking Tragedy
by: Arly

A lady died on the Otehake hot springs tramp. The whereabouts of where she died are unknown but her  body was found in the river about one kilometre away from the hot pools.
The lady was confirmed to have no relatives in New Zealand and was a tourist named Jázmin Mills. Further inspections show grip marks on her neck. Could this be a murder?

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   Worldwide News and       Computers and Stuff
Make New Sport
Idea by: Poppy

These two papers have put their head together to create Bush Soccer. It is a sport that is played in the bush and has all the soccer rules except for outs. The ball is only out if it gets lost.
It’s a hard sport because of the how the goals are in the bush. (they could be on uphill) If you are on an uphill then you will have to sort out the teams to make it easier for the team going uphill. You could find a flatish piece and play there. Now that would be fair.
We got some people to try it out. Heres their review.
Captain 1 : It was pretty fun. I would recommend it to other people. The best part about it was probably all of it. I think it is a really good game. The hard part about is when you kick the ball it gets stuck in the trees.
Captain 2 : It was really fun. It’s better than original soccer.Yes I would recommend it to others. It was awesome. The fact that you can find paths through the trees and sneak around the other team was amazing. The trees getting in the way was annoying.
Whales at Beach
by: Poppy

Whales like venturing far out at sea and some like to hug the shore and that causes them to get stranded.

400+ Pilot whales were stranded on February the 10th 2017. ¾ of the wales died. Volunteers helped out. Some children were singing to calm down the distressed animals.

50+ whales made it back to sea.

Pilot Whale getting help.


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