Thursday, 26 July 2018

Finding refuge

Guided Text: “The Nowhere Land Where Children On The Move Are
Someone Else's Problem” by Sarah Crowe - U.N.I.C.E.F

We will have met the success criteria when we
  • Can work out the meaning of new vocabulary.

  • Locate information within a text.

  • Make connections between ideas

  • Synthesize and summarize key ideas

  • Make links between our own lives and the lives of others

Pre-read discussion
What is a Peugeot 404? Image result for Peugeot 404

What is the difference between a migrant, a refugee and an asylum seeker?
A refugee is someone who has fled their country in search for a safer place to
live. They are usually people who have left due to war and fighting or because
of unfair rights. Lots of refugees are children without parents who travel alone
until they get sent to refugee camps “concentration camps”. Or get picked up
by human traffickers or people smugglers who ship them off to different
countries in big shipping containers. Lots of refugees die while in the containers
due to lack of oxygen, lack of food and dehydration.

An Asylum Seeker is a Refugee who has traveled over a course of time to a
large defined area where the government has sent the Army Or the United Nation
Troops to set up a camp and a medium sized Safety Asylum. The Refugees are
rather put into the 1st class safe Asylum or are in the Refugee camp.

A migrant is someone who chooses to move to a different country not
because they want to for a whole lot of different. Reasons maybe like
economical reasons, maybe they are low on water and food. Image result for Niger

Where is Niger? Niger is located in West Africa, bordering
Chad, Nigeria and Libya.Where is the Sahara? How big is the Sahara compared
to New Zealand? The Sahara is roughly thirty times bigger than New Zealand.
Wasteland -
milling about,
elusive Eldorado,
bearing the brunt,
from pillar to post,
gesticulating tirade,
a motley bag,
transiting through,
flip flops,

Read the text to yourself and make notes/highlight/bullet point as you
read. You are looking for the main idea in this article. Be ready to discuss your

I think the author has written this text to raise awareness towards children
refugees from over the world with no home. These children have been returned
to Niger. A place where most of them aren't from and now they have to travel
across the sahara desert.

The author in this text is biased when she says
“nothing could be further from the gates of paradise than this scorching unearthly
wasteland" and “stranded with dashed hopes and unfullfiled dreams.”
“onto a bone dry open plane with a few thread bare tents”. These are all signs
of bias towards the refugees. The author is making it sound a lot worse than
it possibly could be. She is making it sound like they are living in unbearable
conditions and would do anything for a chance of freedom including walking
across the Sahara desert with no food or water and nothing to protect their
feet from the scorching hot deadly sea of sand. Of course this is all quite
possibly true but you would have to be there to know. The author is making
it sound very bad (Which it is) To make the reader sympathies for the refugees.
The key points in this text are:

Nothing could be further from the gates of paradise than this scorching,
unearthly wasteland stretching out as far as the eye can see and beyond.
Arrivals into Italy from January to early June this year were down by two
thirds compared to the same period last year when 60,000 crossed over
from North Africa.

Since November last year, more than 8000 West Africans, including
2000 children, have been returned to Niger from Algeria, with another
900 refugees and asylum seekers from East Africa transferred from Libya
awaiting cumbersome and slow resettlement processes. According
to Unicef estimates some 120 children drowned at sea between
January and May. At least there are coastguards at sea. No one patrols
the vast and deadly sea of sand.

Monday, 25 June 2018

Book review 👏👏

Alex Rider: “Scorpia Rising” written by Anthony Horowitz.

Do you like action packed books with twists and turns? That’s what
“Scorpia Rising” is. “Scorpia Rising” is an action book set in freezing London
and blazing Cairo.
The main characters are very memorable. Alex Rider has never known his
parents and lost his uncle at age 14. He’s taken care of by his housekeeper
Jack Starbright and is an MI6 agent. He is determined and has definitely seen
some troubling things. Jack is optimistic and determined like Alex.
The main villain is Razim. He feels no emotion. He‘s also obsessed with how
much pain a human can endure. He wants to create a measurement of pain.
As a child, to test if he really couldn’t feel emotions he killed his family.  
The secondary villain is Julius Grief. He’s a clone of the main villain in
“Point Blanc”. He had plastic surgery to look like Alex and will do anything to
kill Alex.

Scorpia Rising is the second to last of Alex’s missions.
The plot goes like this: Alex is attacked at school by a sniper and he takes
revenge by crashing their helicopter. MI6 send Alex to Cairo for a holiday but
while he is there MI6 make him go undercover. When he’s there he discovers
a plot that will send the world into chaos. A whole lot of action follows as he
tries to thwart the plot and take down Razim.

I would recommend this book to children 11 years and over because this
book contains murder and torture. If you like action this is your book.
In my opinion this book is better read after you read the rest of the series
but even if you haven’t read the rest you’ll still get a kick out of reading this.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Basic python syntax.

Today at technology we are working with python trinket. We went through the hour of python course and then used the for loop on a number list. The loop made the code continue until it had cycled through all the numbers. It made sure that it multiplied the numbers in the number list by 10.  I sped it up because it went quite slow. As soon as the loop has gone through the number list it moves to the next bit of code. I drew a square, triangle, spiral and an irregular star. Feel free to play around with the code and show me what you did by commenting. Ms Chowfin helped us with it.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Space inquiry on dark matter.

Measurement Scavenger Hunt.

We will have met the success criteria when we

  • Can show that we have accurately calculated perimeters of 2D / 3D shapes.